yazd vali traditional hotel

This hotel is the only hotel in Yazd which dates back to Safavid dynasty built over 400 years ago. Interior and exterior plaster, porch with extraordinary beautiful Karbndy, orangery and a basement with running water that recovery   fifty meters display. Reflecting the five-door and three-door pool of water in the large courtyard of the high symmetry of the hall is very eye-catching. Located between collection of Amir Chaghmagh mosque and opposite the main market of town, this hotel makes it easy access to the old texture of the town. Being decorated   with traditional texture and Iranian local food, the traditional restaurant and coffee shop revive memories of old times. The roof and long Badger of this series show you a beautiful view of old Yazd. 

Vali Hotel virtual tour
 خواهشمند است جهت رزرو اتاق در ایام نوروز از تاریخ 96/12/29الی97/01/13 با اقای اثم (اژانس باران سیر اسمان تهران) با شماره تماس 09363027778 يا 09139541501 تماس حاصل نمایید.